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Welcome to the Best Hand Made Guitars, made by Balazs Prohaszka, a UK luthier specialising in innovative custom made guitars, with a great sound.

Balazs trained first in Hungary, in Europe, learning the skill of crafting stringed instruments such as violins, double basses and lutes with meticulous care, however, his first love has always been guitars and in 2003, he came to Northern Ireland, in the UK, to work in the famous Lowden Guitar Workshop in Newtownards, County Down.

He then spent some time, redesigning the entire acoustic line of the legendary Zemaitis Guitars range, from Kanda-Shokai in Japan, followed by a spell as a consultant in guitar technology and design in the Far East.

He must have liked Northern Ireland, because he then returned to work with Avalon guitars, where he developed innovative inlay and bevel techniques. Balazs still works with Avalon, while making about 7 or 8 hand crafted custom guitars including custom electric guitars each year. One of his specializations is inlay work.



So I just got this guitar today and I’m so stoked. I have had my eye on this guitar for 8 years! ….I do believe I acquired my best sounding acoustic so far. All of my guitars sound nice (or I wouldn’t have them) ……. It plays like a dream.

Balazs Prohaszka is a great example of the rogue, cosmopolitan, contemporary guitar builder; or should I say avant garde? ….Also worth noting, each Balazs custom guitar has a unique headstock design. Headstocks are usually a builder’s consistent identifying logo. But most important, Balazs guitars are built for playability and sound.


 I got the full tour of the shop by one of their master luthiers Balazs Prohaszka. I don’t say master luthier lightly. Bloody hell but this guys work is simply sublime.


 Balazs Prohaszka brings a fresh look and sound to the world of Handcrafted guitars. This is by far one of the most well balanced and robust sounding guitars we’ve seen to date.


Hear it played by Michel Gentils